Twin Peaks Parts 9-10

Courtenay Stallings of The Blue Rose Magazine joins Scott & Josh to discuss Parts 9 & 10 of Twin Peaks. Courtenay and Josh gang up on Scott when it comes to Richard Horne and his use in the series. We also talk about time in Twin Peaks, the three detectives and the Log Lady’s newest message to Hawk.


WARNING: There is a whistling that happened on Josh Minton’s Mic. It happens less after 30 minutes. Sorry. We blame Bob.

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2 thoughts on “Twin Peaks Parts 9-10”

  1. Enjoyed the podcast very much (though the Log Lady scene didn’t bother me as much as it did you, lol).

    Two theories (one of which I do hope I am wrong about):

    1) Mr. C made his billions by putting Sparkle on the market. He indeed might be using the drug to flood our dimension with fellow BOBs.
    2) Cooper is going to wake up via the death of Janey-E. Coop is doomed I think to always lose women he loves. The main hit on him will kill her instead. The scene where he cried looking at Sonny Jim was a moment of foreshadowing, sensing the boy will soon be alone.

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