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Carolyn Hendler & Scott Ryan set out to interview all the cast and crew of the Edward Zwick & Marshall Herskovitz television series thirtysomething. We will post all the interviews to this page so it is a great page to book mark and see who we have interviewed.  You can also go to iTunes and subscribe to get the episodes automatically on your phone. Also please help us spread the word so if you can share our Facebook page or this page that would be kind of you.

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This show was one of a kind and we are not going to let it slip into television history without comment. We are just beginning and won’t rest until all have had their say. So put Ethan and Brittany to bed, turn on the answering machine so Miles can’t call you and enjoy our walk down Bedford Falls Lane.

Intro Episode: Carolyn & Scott set the concept for the podcast in a short 15 minute preview of the podcast.

Episode: Writer Richard Kramer – I’ll Be Home For Christmas, Strangers, Be A Good Girl, Happy New Year.

Episode: Writer Joseph Dougherty – Michael Writes a Story, The Go Between, Competition, The Distance.

Episode: Actress Polly Draper: played Ellyn Warren

Episode: Actress Melanie Mayron: played Melissa Steadman

Episode: Writer Winnie Holzman – I’m Nobody Who Are You, Life Class, The Guilty Party

Episode:  Actor Timothy Busfield Interview: played Elliot Weston

Episode: Creator Marshall Herskovitz

Episode: Actor/Director Peter Horton: Played Gary Shepherd


Episode: The Fan Show – Fans talk about thirtysomething

Episode: Corey Parker – played Lee Owens

Episode: Patrcia Kalmeber – played Susannah Hart-Shepherd


Episode 14: Fighting The Cold with Joseph Dougherty

Episode: Second Look with Ann Lewis Hamilton


Episode: thirtysomething at thirty author, Scott Ryan

Episode: Ken Olin  played Michael Steadman

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2 thoughts on “thirtysomething Podcast Episodes”

  1. Thirtysomething was one of my favorite shows and in my opinion not many series have ever compared to it (Yes, Once and again, My So Called Life and Brothers and Sisters were awesome but short lived, in my mind). But the timing of when Thirtysomething came out was just great. It was unlike anything we had ever seen before on TV, I think that’s why it became so popular. I am SO happy to hear about the upcoming book (look forward to getting it in June), and I love all your podcasts. Ken Olin is always so wonderful in or when he becomes involved in any show, and you can really get a feel for his involvement in the new series that has been sweeping the country, This Is Us., which I have fallen in love with as so many other fans have too. You can definitely tell Ken Olin is involved in this show. Thanks for reminding us about Thirtysomething, I think I’ll dig out one of my old VCR tapes (I taped the entire series when it was on Lifetime years ago), and watch a few of my favorite episodes this weekend. And I, too, would LOVE a reunion show!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. While I can’t promise you a reunion show, I can tell you the new book is like a reunion, they all participated and share so much. Be sure to order the book from and you get a free book cover post card, and I will sign it for you. I promise it has all kinds of great stuff in it. Thanks, Scott

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