133 Josh Eisendstadt talks Twin Peaks

For the past few years Scott and Josh Eisendstadt have re-enacted the fight scene at Deer Meadow. I play Chris Isaak he plays Sheriff Cable. That is how crazy of Twin Peaks fans we are. Today he joins me to discuss the first 8 parts of Twin Peaks: The Return. Of course, we keep talking about Part 8 because it is so consuming. Every time I have had Josh on the show, people love it. He is one of the Red Room’s favorite guests, and we have him today. Enjoy.


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130 Twin Peaks Parts 5-6

Scott & Josh are back discussing parts 5 & 6 of Twin Peaks: The Return. We have comic book artist and writer, Jeff Lemire who was inspired by Twin Peaks. We also have John Thorne (The Blue Rose, Wrapped in Plastic). We talk about parts 5 & 6 on this, if you want to hear us talk about parts 1-4, click here.

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Issue #2 Cover

We have been waiting to release our cover of Issue #2 and we finally can. The main focus on Issue #2 is The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer written by Jennifer Lynch. We have an interview with Jennifer Lynch, an article about Laura’s life and struggles with abuse and cover the history of the diary and the new Audible release. Sheryl Lee reads the diary, so it made sense to have Sheryl Lee on the cover. We were able to have Sheryl Lee pose for a picture and she approved it for us. We are beyond honored to display our cover designed by Becca Ryan

As if having the free Showtime giveaway wasn’t enough, we now have an original cover with Sheryl Lee. The best way to get Issue #2 is to subscribe to The Blue Rose Magazine. When you subscribe, you get a better price on each issue and  shipping. Issue #3 will come out 2 weeks after the new season ends. It will be a detailed episode guide of all 18 parts.

Issue #2 has an interview with Mark Frost conducted by Andreas Halskov, an essay about the Hazel Drew Case (the murder in Mark Frost’s home town) with new comments from Mark and Scott Frost, a recap of The Missing Pieces, a review of the new book about the Twin Peaks soundtrack, John Thorne’s thoughts on the return of Twin Peaks, an interview with Robert Engels about FWWM and coverage of the Laura Palmer Diary.

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thirtysomething at thirty: an oral history was released by Bear Manor Media on June 7th in hard back and soft back. Scott interviewed all the main cast and writers as well as producers, directors and guest actors of the 1987 series, thirtysomething. This book also contains never before released photos as well as the script to the final episode that was never filmed, due to a law suit. Scott combines all the interviews into one episode guide where you can hear the story of thirtysomething from the talented people who created it. With a Foreword by Ann Lewis Hamilton, an Afterword by Joseph Dougherty, an essay by Peter Horton (Gary) and interviews with Ed Zwick, Marshall Herskovitz, Ken Olin, Timothy Busfield, Melanie Mayron, Peter Horton, Polly Draper, Patricia Wettig, Scott Winant, Paul Haggis, Winnie Holzman, Richard Kramer, Dana Delany and many more.

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Scott Ryan’s debut collection of 20 short stories explores the author’s own everyday misadventures of living in modern day America. From the trials and tribulations of corporate office jobs to parenting, Scott Luck Stories will leave the reader laughing out loud while following Ryan’s hilarious and offbeat insights into life’s unpredictable and absurd twists of fate. Based on the podcast of the same name, Scott Luck Stories have been rewritten for publication and deliver comedy gold while revealing a more poignant undercurrent that delves into the nature of family, relationships, and how we choose to live our lives.

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3. The Blue Rose Magazine


Scott is the managing editor as well as a writer for The Blue Rose. This magazine is released every 4 months and covers the Showtime series, Twin Peaks. Interviews with the creators, cast and crew of the David Lynch and Mark Frost’s series. Reviews, commentary and essays abound in this full color publication.  It can be purchased digitally from Amazon and iTunes or in hard copy form from bluerosemag.com 

4. The Last Days Of Letterman

Coming in 2018 Scott will publish the look at the Late Show with David Letterman. The book will focus on the last 6 weeks of The Late Show and the episodes that let Hollywood, politicians and fans say goodbye to David Letterman after over 30 years on late night television. The book will feature interviews from the producers, writers and directors of The Late Show as well as a recap of the last 28 episodes. Like the Facebook Page for more Information.