Podcast about Mark Frost’s Final Dossier

Remember when we had to wait 20 years between Twin Peaks products? Well its been only 2 months and we another piece of Twin Peaks. Mark Frost has released his new book, The Final Dossier. Mya McBriar joins Scott and Josh as they talk about the book. The answers and the questions those answers brings up.

We also talk about Josh Minton’s recent trip to the locations where Twin Peaks was filmed and we mention Scott’s recent interview with Ray Wise (Leland Palmer) for The Blue Rose Magazine. Then it is all about the Final Dossier. Spoilers are everywhere so only listen if you have read.

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Twin Peaks Parts 9-10

Courtenay Stallings of The Blue Rose Magazine joins Scott & Josh to discuss Parts 9 & 10 of Twin Peaks. Courtenay and Josh gang up on Scott when it comes to Richard Horne and his use in the series. We also talk about time in Twin Peaks, the three detectives and the Log Lady’s newest message to Hawk.


WARNING: There is a whistling that happened on Josh Minton’s Mic. It happens less after 30 minutes. Sorry. We blame Bob.

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