Issue #2 Cover

We have been waiting to release our cover of Issue #2 and we finally can. The main focus on Issue #2 is The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer written by Jennifer Lynch. We have an interview with Jennifer Lynch, an article about Laura’s life and struggles with abuse and cover the history of the diary and the new Audible release. Sheryl Lee reads the diary, so it made sense to have Sheryl Lee on the cover. We were able to have Sheryl Lee pose for a picture and she approved it for us. We are beyond honored to display our cover designed by Becca Ryan

As if having the free Showtime giveaway wasn’t enough, we now have an original cover with Sheryl Lee. The best way to get Issue #2 is to subscribe to The Blue Rose Magazine. When you subscribe, you get a better price on each issue and  shipping. Issue #3 will come out 2 weeks after the new season ends. It will be a detailed episode guide of all 18 parts.

Issue #2 has an interview with Mark Frost conducted by Andreas Halskov, an essay about the Hazel Drew Case (the murder in Mark Frost’s home town) with new comments from Mark and Scott Frost, a recap of The Missing Pieces, a review of the new book about the Twin Peaks soundtrack, John Thorne’s thoughts on the return of Twin Peaks, an interview with Robert Engels about FWWM and coverage of the Laura Palmer Diary.

This Issue is more packed than the Roadhouse when Julee Cruise is performing.

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