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The Blue Rose Magazine produced a special issue in 2018 called The Women of Lynch; this book is not that. The book, The Women of David Lynch: A Collection Of Essays, was born out of the idea, but it is much bigger. In the magazine, the concept was to review 40 female characters Lynch created/co-created. This new book, brought to you by Scott Ryan (The Blue Rose Magazine) and David Bushman (Twin Peaks: FAQ), is a broader concept. Twelve essays written by female writers with only one direction: write anything you want about David Lynch. The results are amazing, diverse and woefully overdue. This is the first essay book to have all female writers tackle the subject of Lynch.

David Lynch has been accused for decades of sexism and even misogyny in his work, due largely to frequent depictions of violence against women. Yet others see in Lynch’s work the deification of the female, and actresses like Laura Dern and Naomi Watts jump at every opportunity to work with him. “He is the master of the juxtaposition of the creepy and the sweet, the sexual and the chaste,” wrote W’s Lynn Hirschberg. “And at the heart of this tense, intriguing friction, you will always find Lynch’s women.” The Women of David Lynch is a deep, provocative dive into this paradox, featuring twelve essays, thought pieces and impressionistic interpretations of Lynch’s depiction of women on screen by an eclectic array of accomplished female critics, scholars, performers, and writers, each tackling this vexing conundrum in her own unique way. The book also contains an interview with actress Mädchen Amick (Shelly Johnson in Twin Peaks) where she gives first hand knowledge on what it is like to be a woman of Lynch. This book will be released on June 11th but is open for pre-ordering now.

This book contains these new essays:

x. An Introduction by Philippa Snow

1. The Uncanny Electricity of David Lynch’s Women by Leigh Kellmann Kolb

2. Women’s Films: Melodrama and Women’s Trauma in the Films of David Lynch by Lindsay Hallam

3. A Colorless Sky: On the Whiteness of Twin Peaks by Melanie McFarland

4. Welcome to the Bipolar Silencio Club! by Hannah Klein

5. Warding off the Darkness with Coffee and Pie by Mallory O’Meara

6. “This is where we talk, Shelly.” An Interview with Mädchen Amick by Lindsey Bowden

7. The Triple Goddess by Lauren Fox

8. Isabella Rossellini: The Shocking “Real” in Blue Velvet by Kathleen Fleming

9.  Tea And Sympathy: Mrs. Kendal and The Elephant Man by Rebecca Paller

10. Jade: Ornamental Gem or Protective Talisman? A Character Study by Marisa C. Hayes

11. “Mary X Marks The Spot.” An Interview with Charlotte Stewart by Lisa Hession

12. Impressions of Lynch: Journaling a Requiem by Mya McBriar

Pre-order this book now from FMP. The book is released June 11, 2019.

The Women of David Lynch: A Collection Of Essays

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Edited by David Bushman

Concept by Scott Ryan

Front Cover by Blake Morrow

Art by Wayne Barnes & Hannah Fortune

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