131 Twin Peaks Panel at Awesome Con

On July 17th, in Washington, D.C. David Bushman hosted a live Twin Peaks panel at Awesome Con. Episode 131 of The Red Room Podcast airs this live discussion. Panelists include Mark Givens (Deer Meadow Radio, The Blue Rose Issue 2) Mya McBriar (Twin Peaks Blog, The Blue Rose Issue 1, 2), Pieter Dom (Welcome To Twin Peaks) and Scott Ryan (The Blue Rose Magazine, Red Room Podcast).

The panel covers the mysteries behind the new season of Twin Peaks and is full of questions from the audience. The panel was only scheduled for 30 minutes, but you will love what happens when the room moderator tries to end this panel. You never mess with Twin Peaks fans who want to talk about the show. You can listen to the panel here or head out to iTunesĀ to download.

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