Twin Peaks Weekend Video

The Blue Rose spent the weekend in Snoqualmie, Washington with a bunch of crazy Twin Peaks Fans. We had fun, hugged, laughed and did some good. We were able to raise $300 for the Catherine Coulson Welcome Fund. This was our first time helping out The Oregon Shakespeare Festival. We plan to continue to assist them as they carry on “The Log Lady’s” legacy.

Watch the video which uses a song Scott Ryan wrote in 2015. Share and spread the word of the love that Twin Peaks’ fans have for the world created by Mark Frost and David Lynch. Watch the passion of all these people, who submitted pictures through The Blue Rose Task Force Group. Just like Twin Peaks, all are welcome and all our family. Press Play and let the ear worm begin.

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This page is dedicated to Scott Ryan’s Directing

  1. A Voyage To Twin Peaks, 2016

Amazon Final Twin Peaks Poster.jpg

Scott is the director of the documentary, A Voyage To Twin Peaks. The 30 minute documentary is a look at 25th anniversary Twin Peaks Festival. Set locations, cast interviews and a look at why the fans are still loving this series today. This movie debuted at the Great Southern Twin Peaks festival in 2016. It also played in Seattle and London, England. It streams on

Watch the Trailer:

The Red Room Podcast travels to the twenty-fifth anniversary Twin Peaks Festival with a look at the David Lynch / Mark Frost 1990 series, “Twin Peaks.” Hear the cast discuss the series, see the original filming locations, and watch fans get wrapped in plastic at the 2015 festival. This film captures the last public appearance of the Log Lady, Catherine Coulson. -Directed by Scott Ryan, 2016.

2. Meet Abby, 2013

Abby Credit is realizing she is spending more time plugged into Facebook, phones and Laptops than she is to the human race. She is watching her sister fall in love, her job be threatened and is struggling with the call of medication to get her through. Meet Abby is a comic look at how we are all alone the more we connect online. If you are sick of super hero movies, this “talk” movie is for you.

Stream Meet Abby on Amazon Prime.

3. Coming Soon, a Sequel to A Voyage To Twin Peaks which looks at the UK Festival as well as a Los Angeles Meet up. Coming in 2017.