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  1. A Voyage To Twin Peaks

A Documentary about the filming locations of Twin Peaks and the last public appearance of The Log Lady (Catherine Coulson). With tours from Brad Dukes and Josh Eisenstadt and a look at Scott’s journey to the real town of Twin Peaks.


2. Issue #1 KINDLE edition

Issue #1 of The Blue Rose, the Kindle Edition. An essay about Mark Frost’s Secret History of Twin Peaks Book, Part 1 of Bob Engels interview, Part 1 of The Missing Pieces, the Vinyl releases of the Twin Peaks Soundtrack and an in depth look at the UK Twin Peaks Fest 2016.


3. John Thorne’s Book

Purchase John’s Essential Twin Peaks Book Here


4. Mark Frost’s Books

Order Mark Frost’s Books: The Secret History of Twin Peaks and the new book coming in October Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier. 

5. The Music of Twin Peaks

Order the BRAND NEW Soundtrack to Twin Peaks Returns

Order the BRAND NEW Instrumental Soundtrack To Twin Peaks Returns

Order the Vinyl release of the Original Twin Peaks Soundtrack

Order the Vinyl release of FWWM

6. Clare Nina Norelli’s Book

Purchase Clare Nina Norelli’s book Soundtrack to Twin Peaks on Amazon

7. Laura Palmer’s Diary

Order the Laura Palmer Diary as a book or Audio Book here

8. Twin Peaks FAQ

Order the book: Twin Peaks FAQ: on Amazon

9. Andreas Halskov’s Book

Order Tv Peaks here.

10. Twin Peaks Cook Book

Order the Cook Book Here.

11. Jeff Lemire’s Book


Pre-order Jeff Lemire’s new book.

12. Order Scott Ryan’s eBook edition of thirtysomething at thirty

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13. Blue Rose Issue #03

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