Back Issues of The Blue Rose Magazine [2-8]


Scott Ryan is the managing editor of this print publication, along with John Thorne (Wrapped In Plastic Magazine). This is a must own for all Twin Peaks fans. With this purchase you get 7 issues of the magazine. The issues that have already been printed will ship today and the rest will ship every 3 months throughout 2018. See below for what each color magazine covers.

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This includes:

Issue #2: Covers The Diary of Laura Palmer. Interviews with Jennifer Lynch, Mark Frost and Bob Engels and more.

Issue #3: An Episode guide of Twin Peaks: The Return parts 1-10 by John Thorne. Interview with Nicole LaLibert√© (Darya) by Scott Ryan. Brad Dukes pays tribute to Michael Parks and Courtenay Stallings talks about David Lynch’s Art

Issue #4: (EXTENDED ISSUE) An Episode guide of Twin Peaks: The Returns parts 11-18 by John Thorne.  Interview with Amy Shiels (Candie). Coverage of the Uk Twin Peaks Festival and the LA Festival of Disruption. A Sound Essay by Andreas Halskov, a tribute to Harry Dean Stanton and more.

Issue 5: Coming March 2018 Ray Wise (Leland Palmer) Interview, Music In The Air (The Bang Bang Bar Record), Damon Lindelof (Lost) Interview, essay by John Thorne about Parts 17 & 18, a review of the Blu Ray Special Features and more

Issue 6: June 2018. Twin Peaks location tour. Coverage of The Palmer House

Issue 7: (EXTENDED ISSUE) The Women of Lynch Special Edition. 40 essays about 40 different female Lynch Characters.

Issue 8: Coming November 2018. The Sheryl Lee Interview.



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