Podcast: Twin Peaks Parts 11-13

The Red Room returns to Twin Peaks for parts 11-13. David Bushman, author of Twin Peaks FAQ and curator at the Paley Center, joins Scott and Josh for the talk. Topics include, Audrey, the use of nostalgia in The Return, editing and the purpose of the Owl Ring. For those of you who were angered by Scott’s complaint about the Log Lady editing from part 10, might be surprised at what his comments are now.

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One thought on “Podcast: Twin Peaks Parts 11-13”

  1. Regarding the ring – my assumption from part 13 is that if you die wearing the ring, your spirit goes to the lodge. However, I’m pondering why the one armed man told Laura not to take the ring when she was in the care with Leland (as well as Cooper telling her that) but then later he throws the ring in the train car. We do know that her spirit did go to the lodge possibly due to wearing the ring. Perhaps that was why there was a warning not to take it. But it did seem to protect her from being possessed by Bob. I think there is way more to know about how the ring works.

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