Ken Olin Interview: thirtysomething, This Is Us

Ever since we started the thirtysomething podcast, one guest has been requested the most, Ken Olin – Michael Steadman. Your wish is granted. Join Carolyn and Scott for a 90 minute interview with Ken Olin. We talk about the thirtieth year of thirtysomething as well as his directing on the new #1 hit show, This Is Us.

We ask him about a few episodes of thirtysomething and his thoughts on a reunion show. Ken also talks about what it was like to read my upcoming book, thirtysomething at thirty. We asked him different questions than I asked him for the book, so there is little cross over. If you want to hear Ken talk about working with Mel Harris, how he developed his character and the intense scenes in “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”, you will want to order thirtysomething at thirty.

Enjoy this laugh-filled conversation with the one and only, Ken Olin.

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One thought on “Ken Olin Interview: thirtysomething, This Is Us”

  1. I LOVED your interview with Ken Olin, as I have loved all the other interviews on this Thirtysomething Podcast series and cannot wait for June 7th for your book to come out!! I almost didn’t want to listen to Ken’s interview as I knew it was the last one (in the series), and wanted to savor it, as I knew once I listened to it, then there wasn’t another interview coming up (yet, hopefully there will be more?) And how exciting for you that you are going to the ATX Television Festival in Texas, hopefully you’ll let us all know just how great it was to get together with whoever from Thirtysomething was there to celebrate!! (Maybe you could think about doing a Facebook LIVE while you’re there??, just a thought). And it would be awesome if there was ever some sort of virtual book club once it does come out that all of us SUPER Thirtysomething fans (which I consider myself one of) could all chat about together! I have every episode of the series on old VCR tapes but plan to purchase the DVD’s in the next few weeks off Amazon as you have given me renewed excitement listening about the series. I believe it truly was the BEST series at such a very different time in everyones life (late 1980’s/early 1990’s), and listening to you and Carolyn discuss it on your Thirtysomething Podcast has really been a HUGE remembrance just what life was like back then ~ it has brought back so many memories to me.

    Thank you very much!!

    Carole Sullivan

    PS. I also loved when you were interviewed by Stacy Wessel (episode 16), as she guest hosted your Podcast and you discussed how this past year has been for you…a real dream come true I would say!!

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