New Book: The Women of David Lynch

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The Blue Rose Magazine produced a special issue in 2018 called The Women of Lynch; this book is not that. The book, The Women of David Lynch: A Collection Of Essays, was born out of the idea, but it is much bigger. In the magazine, the concept was to review 40 female characters Lynch created/co-created. This new book, brought to you by Scott Ryan (The Blue Rose Magazine) and David Bushman (Twin Peaks: FAQ), is a broader concept. Twelve essays written by female writers with only one direction: write anything you want about David Lynch. The results are amazing, diverse and woefully overdue. This is the first essay book to have all female writers tackle the subject of Lynch.

David Lynch has been accused for decades of sexism and even misogyny in his work, due largely to frequent depictions of violence against women. Yet others see in Lynch’s work the deification of the female, and actresses like Laura Dern and Naomi Watts jump at every opportunity to work with him. “He is the master of the juxtaposition of the creepy and the sweet, the sexual and the chaste,” wrote W’s Lynn Hirschberg. “And at the heart of this tense, intriguing friction, you will always find Lynch’s women.” The Women of David Lynch is a deep, provocative dive into this paradox, featuring twelve essays, thought pieces and impressionistic interpretations of Lynch’s depiction of women on screen by an eclectic array of accomplished female critics, scholars, performers, and writers, each tackling this vexing conundrum in her own unique way. The book also contains an interview with actress Mädchen Amick (Shelly Johnson in Twin Peaks) where she gives first hand knowledge on what it is like to be a woman of Lynch. This book will be released on June 11th but is open for pre-ordering now.

This book contains these new essays:

x. An Introduction by Philippa Snow

1. The Uncanny Electricity of David Lynch’s Women by Leigh Kellmann Kolb

2. Women’s Films: Melodrama and Women’s Trauma in the Films of David Lynch by Lindsay Hallam

3. A Colorless Sky: On the Whiteness of Twin Peaks by Melanie McFarland

4. Welcome to the Bipolar Silencio Club! by Hannah Klein

5. Warding off the Darkness with Coffee and Pie by Mallory O’Meara

6. “This is where we talk, Shelly.” An Interview with Mädchen Amick by Lindsey Bowden

7. The Triple Goddess by Lauren Fox

8. Isabella Rossellini: The Shocking “Real” in Blue Velvet by Kathleen Fleming

9.  Tea And Sympathy: Mrs. Kendal and The Elephant Man by Rebecca Paller

10. Jade: Ornamental Gem or Protective Talisman? A Character Study by Marisa C. Hayes

11. “Mary X Marks The Spot.” An Interview with Charlotte Stewart by Lisa Hession

12. Impressions of Lynch: Journaling a Requiem by Mya McBriar

Pre-order this book now from FMP. The book is released June 11, 2019.

The Women of David Lynch: A Collection Of Essays

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Edited by David Bushman

Concept by Scott Ryan

Front Cover by Blake Morrow

Art by Wayne Barnes & Hannah Fortune

Dr Robi & Scott Ryan Live

Dr. Robi Ludwig makes room on the couch for Scott Ryan to visit and discuss David Letterman. Watch this half hour discussion about the new book The Last Days of Letterman. Scott and Dr. Robi talk about the guests, the legacy and all the emotion that played out as David Letterman said goodbye to his fans.

Watch Here:

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Last Days of Letterman Reading

Join Scott Ryan for a live reading and Question and Answer session about the new book, The Last Days of Letterman. This event was recorded live at Barnes and Noble in Columbus, Ohio. JB Minton introduces Scott. Listen to the appearance here:

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All of It Interview

Letterman writer Bill Scheft and Author Scott Ryan guest on “All of it” hosted by Allison Stewart to talk about the new book The Last Days of Letterman. It start at 19 minutes after the guy who wrote a book called 1000 books to read before you die. You can listen below.

Press Play and listen:

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Press Release

New Book Takes Unprecedented Look Inside the

Final Days of the Late Show with David Letterman


[New York; September 17, 2018]  The Last Days of Letterman: The Final 6 Weeks by Scott Ryan, a meticulously researched account of the final weeks of David Letterman’s reign as television’s longest-running late night host, will be published by FMP on November 6, 2018. The first book to document the TV titan’s historic denouement in such an in-depth fashion, The Last Days of Letterman will leave readers with a poignant, informative, and yes, humorous, look inside one of the most beloved talk shows of all time—and the singular comedic talent behind it.

Focused on the final 28 telecasts of the Late Show as a lens to Letterman’s 33-year career as an icon of late night television, Ryan shares nearly two dozen on-the-record interviews with a veritable Who’s Who of Letterman’s Late Show writing, directing and producing staff. The book features a foreword by longtime Letterman monologue writer Bill Scheft. 

“I was kind of shocked at how forthcoming the Late Show staff was with all the deeply personal stories and insights they shared,” said author Scott Ryan. “This was their life, this was their family, so they cared a great deal about honoring the show’s legacy.”

Ryan’s insider account takes readers through the halls of the famed Ed Sullivan Theater, from the fateful day Letterman called his inner circle into his dressing room and dropped the retirement bomb up to the emotional final show on May 20, 2015—and all of the star-studded hoopla in-between. From Oprah Winfrey to Julia RobertsTom Hanks to Bob Dylan, the book details in spectacular fashion the ultra A-list line of marquee names that traversed the CBS soundstage during those final weeks.

Peppered with carefully curated photographs, the narrative is chock-full of juicy tidbits: how “ultimate fan girl” Sarah Jessica Parker set the tone for what would be a six-week long farewell to Letterman; how Cher personally reached out to the show because she “wanted to do something” for Dave; how Michelle Obama was intent on creating a TV moment in her final Late Show appearance; and the special significance behind Foo Fighters’ musical performance at the finale.

Ryan also details a barrage of behind-the-scenes facets of the Late Show‘s enduring mystique: Letterman’s legendary rapport with other comedy giants (DonRicklesHoward SternJerry SeinfeldSteve MartinTina Fey, Ray RomanoMartin Short, Amy Sedaris—as well as his forever-mentor, Johnny Carson); the exhilarating, maddening, ingenious process of developing the day’s infamous “Top Ten” list; and the devilishly clever ways Late Show musical director Paul Shaffer came up with the musical pieces to accompany guests’ entrances. There’s even a surprise appearance by Rupert Jee, so memorably featured in the show’s comedic cutaways to Hello Deli. 

“This was one of the most important shows—and one of the greatest performers—in television history,” said Ryan. “I wanted whatever story that ended up being told to be a fitting tribute, and to really do it justice.”

The Last Days of Letterman marks the debut title from FMP (Fayetteville Mafia Press), a new nonfiction imprint focused on media-themed and pop culture titles.




About the Author

Scott Ryan is the author of thirtysomething at thirty: an oral history and Scott Luck Stories. He is the director of the documentary A Voyage to Twin Peaks, host of The Red Room Podcast, and managing editor of the Twin Peaks-themed Blue Rose magazine. He lives in Columbus, Ohio.


About Bill Scheft

Bill Scheft is a novelist, columnist, and television writer, who has established himself as a singular and influential comedic voice over the last three decades. As a writer for David Letterman from 1991 to 2015, he was nominated for 16 Emmy Awards. He is the author of four novels: The Ringer and Everything Hurts, both optioned for films; Shrink Thyself;  and Time Won’t Let Me — a finalist for the 2006 Thurber Prize for American Humor. A former stand-up comic and sportswriter, Bill was a regular humor columnist for Sports Illustrated and ESPN Magazine. A collection of his columns, The Best of the Show, was published in 2005. He has also contributed humor essays to The New Yorker, The New York Times,  Salon, Esquire, George, and Talk – and has written special material for the Academy Awards, Emmy’s, Tony’s, ESPYs, and numerous roasts. He is an honors graduate of Harvard College.


The Last Days of Letterman: The Final 6 Weeks by Scott Ryan


Non-fiction/Pop culture, on-sale date: November 6, 2018


Publisher: Fayetteville Mafia Press


 ISBN: 978-1-949024-00-5

 Ebook ISBN: 978-1-9490024-01-2

Contact: Judy Twersky Public Relations, Inc.


Twin Peaks Unwrapped with Scott Ryan (Dave & Twin Peaks)

Scott Ryan guests on Twin Peaks unwrapped to talk about David Letterman, why not. David Letterman and Twin Peaks go together like… well they don’t. So this podcast has a bit of both. First up, Ben and Bryon and Scott talk about a big interview get that Scott scooped up for Issue 8 of The Blue Rose Magazine. (then we go back to talking about Twin Peaks around the 45 minute mark)

Then the talk moves to the new Letterman book. (The Letterman talk begins at the 15 minute mark) So listen to the parts you want to hear, skip what you don’t or just enjoy all the fun. Scott, Ben and Bryon have been good friends for a couple years so this is a pretty crazy interview. Enjoy the crazy.

You can listen to it here:

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The Tom Gulley Show with Author Scott Ryan

The end of The Late Show with David Letterman marked the end of a truly singular achievement in television.

Certainly, the 33 years of brilliance Dave brought to the screen are a story in itself, but a new book by Scott Ryan–The Last Days of Letterman–insightfully and meticulously chronicles the perfect and seamless flourish the greatest talk show host of our generation ended his late night career with.

Listen in as your beloved host, the VERY FIRST Letterman Scholarship winner (yes, that’s a thing) and Mr. Ryan go over the book in detail. You’ll hear how the author managed to get the firsthand accounts of over 20 Letterman staffers regarding how the big show came to a close.

It’s an episode you’re sure to put on your Top 10 List of podcast offerings–The Last Days of Letterman with Scott Ryan!

Just listen to the episode via the convenient player below–or right click this link and do the “Save As” thing to download the podcast for enjoyment on your iPod or media player of choice.

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Scott guests on The Great TV Podcast

Jim Harold interviews Scott about his new book thirtysomething at thirty on The Great TV Podcast. They discuss the series and how it shaped television. Jim does a podcast that covers classic TV series and thirtysomething certainly belongs in that category. You can listen to it here.

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Scott Writes A Book


She broke my heart. That started it all. I sat in my room with my heart pounding and my thoughts racing. How could she have done this to me? I grabbed a pencil and a piece of paper, and decided to write down my thoughts. The first thing I wrote wasn’t about what happened or a plea to get her back. I wrote two words: Chapter One.

I was 10 years old. I wrote Life In Timberline. A 6 page hand written lament about my first love.

Today, June 7th, 2017, 37 years later, my first book is published. Yes, in 2014, I self published an eBook called Scott Luck Stories, but this book, thirtysomething at thirty: an oral history, has pages, a cover, pictures and an ISBN number. This book is on sale across the globe. It can be found in book stores, online stores and on my own website. I have signed over 90 copies already and sent them out. I did it. I didn’t know at 10 years old that I was becoming a writer, although the fact that I wrote Chapter One before I shared what was on my mind, should have been a clue.

For my entire life I have written things. Movies, songs, Broadway reviews, Television series, essays, novels, blogs and magazine articles. But now I am published. This journey of bringing this book to life has been an amazing experience. My favorite part of my book is my Special Thanks section. Mostly because there are so many people who helped me get here. I love thanking people who help. I won’t repeat those thanks here. They are in my book. Did you know I have one? I do. It is fun to have a dream come true.

So let’s talk thirtysomething. It started as a podcast and just an interview with Richard Kramer. It grew so quickly, and before I knew it, I was getting emails on a daily basis from some of the artists who have inspired me the most. Writers whose words set my life on a trajectory of honesty and compassion. Actors that made me understand what creating characters was all about. I spoke with directors that shaped how I would film scenes for my movies. I learned so much about art by doing this project. I am excited to share thirtysomething with the world, but I am more excited to share how good art is crafted in a time where well crafted items are usually thrown away for something new and inferior.

I also need to thank the fans of thirtysomething. These people love this show in such a deep way. I can’t imagine the letters and comments that the people connected with the show must get. I get Facebook messages all the time with people just pouring out their hearts to me. This show touches people in a way that just doesn’t happen anymore. I am honored to take these stories and listen. I respect the show and the fans that created all these feelings.

I have had a very good year and half working on this project. I couldn’t have done it without my wonderful wife Jennifer that supports me everyday. No artist thrives without encouragement. I am lucky I have it.

There will be other projects, The Blue Rose Magazine is taking off, and I have 3 other books I want to start as soon as I can. The thirtysomething project will always be my first book that actually worked out and was born into the world — just like I dreamed as a ten-year old. I am still excited to write those magical words that I wrote so long ago. They always mean begin. Begin is such better than finish. So while I put this experience to rest, I know that I will very soon grab a pencil and paper to write again: Chapter One.

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Twin Peaks on the Great TV Podcast with Jim Harold

Jim Harold invited John Thorne and Scott Ryan to guest on his wonderful show, The Great TV Podcast, to discuss the return of Twin Peaks. They talk about the original 29 episodes, Fire Walk With Me and the new series that debuts on Showtime on May 29th. They also discuss Blue Rose Magazine, Issue #1 and how the magazine covers the new series.

Listen to the interview here or head out to iTunes to subscribe to Jim’s podcast. Scott will be a guest on a future episode to discuss the upcoming book about thirtysomething, thirtysomething at thirty.

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