When Carrie and Big Cheated on Aidan


American television doesn’t have many rules, but one of them is that women are either Evil Bitches (Alexis from Dynasty or Carla from Cheers) or saints (Claire Huxtable from The Cosby Show or Edith Bunker from All In The Family) Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw accomplished something that was never before (and I bet, never again) played out on television. In season 3 of Sex and the City, our main heroine does the unthinkable, she cheats on the perfect man, Aidan, with the shows main hero, Mr. Big. Watching Season 3 today, it plays differently than when it aired in 2000. Mostly because now we know she ends up marrying Mr Big. This fact means that he is her destiny. One would think that would lesson the blow of her actions…Nope.

When Season 3 played the first time, you could view Big as a villain who is only out to destroy Carrie’s life. But we all know the only person who is hell bent on ruining Carrie’s life, is Carrie. The return of Big occurs in Episode 7 of Season 3, “Drama Queens”, and runs through Episode 11, “Running with Scissors.” I believe this stretch of episodes is the best writing this show ever did. It also was very brave. If you take David Duchovny’s character on Californication, you would expect this story arc. But allowing a female character to behave this way is shocking. Shocking because Carrie is 100% wrong in her actions. Women are rarely allowed to make the wrong choice, unless they are under the influence of a chemical or in reaction to an abusive man.

Claire Danes’ character is allowed to cry at every CIA meeting and have an affair with a suspected terrorist, but its not her. Its the pills that made her do it. She is crazy, that is all. Samantha on Sex and the City is allowed to cheat, but she doesn’t have a man like Aidan. That is the kicker in this story arc. Aidan is a perfect man. He gives Carrie everything she wants, therefore she does not respect him – just like a male character would. If you remember, they even have Carrie wear male briefs for underwear in this stretch of episodes.

SEX AND THE CITY: Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall.

Yes, women’s roles have gotten better on television. The Good Wife, Nurse Jackie, The Big C, Weeds, and Revenge. But they have not gotten as human as Carrie Bradshaw. She is flawed, wrong and her stories are always told from the point of view that she is 100% right. The story is told as if Carrie is always right because her friends never tell her that she is wrong. This subversive narrative is so well done that Carrie became a role model for women. Carrie is a writing role model but not a life role model. When I have the task of ranking my favorite series, Sex and the City always comes out in the top 5 because of this. I give all this credit to Sarah Jessica Parker who was brave enough to tackle this story line head on. My guess is, she used her Executive Producer powers to make Carrie be as awful as possible.

I bet even HBO thought this story was too much. In some ways it is, only because it points out the weakness in how other shows write for female characters. Women have affairs as well as men. It is such a simple statement, but is rarely seen on television. It has been 17 years since this played on television and yet my heart still breaks for Aidan. That is powerful writing, especially when now I know that the person she cheated with is going to be her husband. Revisiting a show can be just as exciting as watching a new one. A well written show will make that experience all the better the second, third, fourth time around. Watching someone make a mistake is so much more rewarding than watching people be perfect and unbelievable on television. Humanity is always the right choice, even when the choice they make is wrong.


How to Watch Buffy and Angel on Netflix or DVD

This blog is for people who are going to start watching or re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the spinoff series, Angel at the same time. My guess is most people would be doing this on Netflix as that is the premium way of dispensing old TV these days. There are many crossovers between both these series. Back at the turn of the century, both shows played on the WB. Through the podcast interviews we have done on Big Bad Buffy Interviews, we have since learned that both series were filmed and written from the same location. Crossovers were easy to come up with, but are hard to enjoy now. The series are meant to be watched in order. Here is how you do it.

Step 1: You start with Seasons 1-3 of Buffy.

I have to let you know that Season 1 of Buffy is a little rough if you are starting it for the first time in 2017. Their budget was low and they are not up to par. Be patient and it gets there. Season 2 is the best season of television ever, so it makes up for it. Season 3 is really good and you are so in love with all the characters that you would go anywhere the writers wanted you to go. At the end of Season 3 is when the viewing get tricky.

Step 2: Rotate between Season 4 of Buffy and Season 1 of Angel; continue for 2 years.

There has not been few things that actually use the benefit of weekly television viewing. Mostly because networks do not care about making TV fun, they want to sell soap. But back in 1999, the WB network did something really fun. Their Tuesday night schedules were given over to Joss Whedon. So Tuesday’s at 8 PM was Buffy and 9PM was Angel. The writers being very creative used this to their advantage. So they do a couple crossovers a year where the story starts on Buffy and ends on Angel. Some of them are short little clips and some are 4 episode story arcs. So if you don’t follow this rule, the shows will not make sense.

You watch Season 4 Ep1 of Buffy, Season 1 Ep 1 of Angel.
Then Season 4 Ep 2 of Buffy, Season 1 Ep 2 of Angel. Continue for 3 Seasons. The pay off will be high.

Step 3: Watch 2 eps of Angel Season 4 then proceed to Buffy Season 7.

Remember when I said that networks don’t care about fun? Well of course they messed this up in the final season of Buffy. So you follow the rule that is laid out in step 2 all the way from season 4 of Buffy until the beginning of season 7. Here they played Angel one time twice and messed up the rotation, even though the end of Buffy and the end of that season on Angel are highly intertwined between a major reoccurring character which I will not give away.

So you start Season 4 of Angel by watching 2 episodes of Angel, then you start Buffy Season 7 and go back to the rotation of Buffy then Angel. Watch Season 4 Ep 1,2 of Angel. Then Season 7 Ep 1 of Buffy, Season 4 Ep 3 of Angel, Season 7 ep 2 of Buffy, Season 4 ep 4 of Angel, etc. That should keep you on the path. They key is that you have to finish Angel Season 4 before you watch the Final Buffy.

You might think this sounds like a lot of work. But can you think of another show that ever had this many crossovers and each show informing the other? It is what makes Joss Whedon an entertainer. He was given a creative chance and he took it. I suggest you follow the “Scott Rules” because this will make the Buffy/Angel universe feel very real and you will then understand why people are still in love with this show.

Make sure you listen to Big Bad Buffy Interviews the podcast where David Bushman and I are interviewing the writers, directors and actors of the series.

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Big Bad Buffy Interviews Episode Guide

Actress Kristine Sutherland who played Buffy’s mom, Joyce Summers, for 7 seasons on Buffy the Vampire Slayer joins David Bushman and Scott Ryan for an interview. This is our first episode of a new podcast, Big Bad Buffy Interviews. We will try to interview every actor, writer and director from the series. We are honored that Kristine agreed to be our first guest.

Kristine talks about what it means to play a mom in a TV series that is targeted for teenagers viewers. I think her answers will engage and surprise you. In fact, you may want to re-watch the series after hearing her view of her character. She also talks about working with the late John Ritter.

David Fury wrote 17 episodes of Buffy and 12 of Angel. He directed episodes of the series as well. He also wrote one of the most classic episodes of Lost, “Walkabout” which we discuss as well. Mostly we talk Buffy and go through each of the characters and what it was like to write for them. David will go down in TV history as the man who sang about Mustard so we spend some time on the Musical Episode as well.

Marcia Shulman was the casting director for several years on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She cast all the main actors of the series and tells some wonderful behind the scenes stories of Angel, Buffy, Willow and Giles. This is the kind of in depth information that you get from the unsung heroes of the crew of Buffy. She doesn’t do many interviews so enjoy this one.

Kristy Swanson originated the role of Buffy Summers in the 1992 movie, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. The movie opened with competition from Death Becomes Her and lost the box office race. But 25 years later, it is the movie of Buffy that is still a force in Popular Culture. Kristy talks about the movie, if she has ever seen the series and talks about working with Pee Wee Herman.

I had to ask her about her work with John Hughes so towards the end you get some talk about Pretty In Pink and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as well. Enjoy this talk with our first Buffy, Kristy Swanson.

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There is only one crew member who worked as long on Buffy as Joss Whedon, that person is David Solomon. He edited the un-aired pilot and stayed with the series all the way until the end. He talks about the entire series from start to finish. He directed a fan favorite, The Prom, as well as Beer Bad. Listen to it here.

Stephen Tobolowsky rose to fame with his role in Groundhog’s Day. He also, was cast as the principal in the pilot of Buffy. That pilot was re-cast, but we talk to him about the role that he did, but no one saw. We also talk to him about Bill Murray and the classic comedy, Groundhog’s day.

Douglas Petrie was a writer, director and executive producer on Buffy. He wrote the first episode where Faith joins the show, so we talk a lot of Faith with him. He knew the ins and outs of how Buffy was run over the last 4 years of the series. This is a really interesting interview as Doug is a ton of fun.

Happy 20th Anniversary to Buffy. We celebrate by talking about one of the most popular episodes, Once More With Feeling or The Buffy Musical. Clinton McClung planned events across the country to show the episode in movie theaters. His story is inspiring and heartbreaking. Fans will love this discussion.

Listen to the episode here:

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Dana Delany Interview

Dana Delany has been a television star for over 30 years. I was able to talk with her just as her newest series, Hand Of God was about to premiere on Amazon. We first talked about Moonlighting and China Beach. She also talked to me about her work on thirtysomething. That interview can be found in my book, thirtysomething at thirty.

Listen to us talk here:

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Glenn Gordon Caron Interview

Glenn Gordon Caron is the Creator and mastermind behind the 1985 hit series, Moonlighting. This show influenced me more than any other series. I was lucky enough to talk with him about how created the show, discovered Bruce Willis and used my favorite Billy Joel song, Big Man On Mulberry Street in an episode.

I am still holding out that I can do my next book on the series, here is hoping. For now, listen to this hour where I talk to one of my writing heroes.

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Interview with Death Waltz Records

Spencer Hickman is the head of music for Mondo Music and Death Waltz Recording Company. He oversaw the project of releasing the Twin Peaks and Fire Walk With Me (FWWM) soundtracks on vinyl. Scott spoke with Spencer about the project.

You can read a portion of this interview in the latest Blue Rose Magazine, Issue #1. Click here to purchase the Twin Peaks Magazine.

Ep 8 Buffy The Musical Sing-A-Long w/ Clinton McClung

Happy 20th Anniversary to Buffy. We celebrate by talking about one of the most popular episodes, Once More With Feeling or The Buffy Musical. Clinton McClung planned events across the country to show the episode in movie theaters. His story is inspiring and heartbreaking. Fans will love this discussion.

Big Bad Buffy Interviews will be at the Awesome Con in DC for a Twin Peaks discussion and at Whedon Con in LA for a live Buffy Podcast event. Come out and see us at both.

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  1. A Voyage To Twin Peaks, 2016

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Scott is the director of the documentary, A Voyage To Twin Peaks. The 30 minute documentary is a look at 25th anniversary Twin Peaks Festival. Set locations, cast interviews and a look at why the fans are still loving this series today. This movie debuted at the Great Southern Twin Peaks festival in 2016. It also played in Seattle and London, England. It streams on

Watch the Trailer:

The Red Room Podcast travels to the twenty-fifth anniversary Twin Peaks Festival with a look at the David Lynch / Mark Frost 1990 series, “Twin Peaks.” Hear the cast discuss the series, see the original filming locations, and watch fans get wrapped in plastic at the 2015 festival. This film captures the last public appearance of the Log Lady, Catherine Coulson. -Directed by Scott Ryan, 2016.

2. Meet Abby, 2013

Abby Credit is realizing she is spending more time plugged into Facebook, phones and Laptops than she is to the human race. She is watching her sister fall in love, her job be threatened and is struggling with the call of medication to get her through. Meet Abby is a comic look at how we are all alone the more we connect online. If you are sick of super hero movies, this “talk” movie is for you.

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3. Coming Soon, a Sequel to A Voyage To Twin Peaks which looks at the UK Festival as well as a Los Angeles Meet up. Coming in 2017.