Star Trek Discovery Podcast

Josh & Scott boldly go where listeners wish they wouldn’t: Star Trek. We are devoted Trekies in the Red Room and we invite Bob Canode and John Thorne (Blue Rose Magazine) to put on their Vulcan ears and talk Trek.

Star Trek Discovery is streaming on the CBS App (the what?) So we assume most listeners haven’t seen the show. We spoil the series and talk all about it. It even breaks into a fun political rant. Lots of laughs and great talk in this hour discussion about Star Trek Discovery.

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Podcast about Mark Frost’s Final Dossier

Remember when we had to wait 20 years between Twin Peaks products? Well its been only 2 months and we another piece of Twin Peaks. Mark Frost has released his new book, The Final Dossier. Mya McBriar joins Scott and Josh as they talk about the book. The answers and the questions those answers brings up.

We also talk about Josh Minton’s recent trip to the locations where Twin Peaks was filmed and we mention Scott’s recent interview with Ray Wise (Leland Palmer) for The Blue Rose Magazine. Then it is all about the Final Dossier. Spoilers are everywhere so only listen if you have read.

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Author Mark Altman Interview

Author Mark Altman wrote the first Twin Peaks book that I ever purchased. I guess we can blame him for me spending every dime after that. He wrote Twin Peaks: Behind The Scenes. He went on to cover Star Trek, Buffy and Battlestar Galactica. So you can expect lots of fan talk on this one. We discuss how the first Twin Peaks book came to be, we talk about the new season of Peaks as well as the newest Star Trek Series, Discovery. Mark has interviewed just about everyone and has some great stories. Be sure to pick up his new books. See the links below.

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Scott guests on The Great TV Podcast

Jim Harold interviews Scott about his new book thirtysomething at thirty on The Great TV Podcast. They discuss the series and how it shaped television. Jim does a podcast that covers classic TV series and thirtysomething certainly belongs in that category. You can listen to it here.

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Part 2 of the Top 40 shows from 2007-2017

The Red Room counts down the top 40 shows that have premiered in the last 10 years. This podcast covers Part 2 #20-1. You can listen to Part 1 which covers #40-21. We do comedy, drama, documentaries and talk shows. What will be #1? Listen to find out.

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thirtysomething day 2017

Call it California, We are out of here.

After 2 years and 18 episodes, we present you the final episode of the thirtysomething podcast. We have been so lucky to interview just about everyone. If they weren’t on the podcast, we got them for the book, thirtysomething at thirty: an oral history.

September 29th, 2017 thirtysomething turns thirty. We were so lucky to be able to celebrate our favorite television show and help bring it to its own age. For our final episode Scott reads a bit of his introduction from his new book about the show, Carolyn and Scott read brand new statements from some of the cast and crew about the show turning 30. We even have a new one from an actor who was never on the podcast or the book! Then we say goodbye to all our fans of the podcast.

Finally, thank you to everyone who supported the show, the book and all the thirtysomething fun. It was great to meet all of you. Enjoy our final episode.

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Top 40 shows from 2007-2017 Part 1

The Red Room goes back to what it used to do, talking all kinds of TV. We decided to do a count down show like we used to in our early days. We countdown the top 40 shows that have premiered in the last 10 years. We ranked all the shows from 2007-2017 and we tell you the best 40. Listen to Part 1 which covers #40-21. We do comedy, drama, documentaries and talk shows. We love getting to talk about all kinds of shows. Enjoy an old fashion countdown show.

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Xander Interview Nicholas Brendon

Xander is here.  We were able to interview Nicholas Brendon at Whedon Con 2017. He was able to give us about 25 minutes and we have a lively discussion. We play quite a bit so be ready for some comedy and sparring. Then we talk to 3 fans who attended the con. Enjoy one of our first interviews with a main cast member.

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2 Podcasts about Twin Peaks Part 18

We do things a bit differently on this Red Room. After weeks of listening to us argue and debate deep theory, we take a break to have a roundtable talk with 10 Twin Peaks fans. We throw out questions and go around and let some hard core life long fans have their say. We talk about most satisfying moments, best Black Lodge moments and our first thoughts on Parts 17-18. Look below for Episode 140 which also covers Twin Peaks

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But wait…There is more.

We have another podcast, Episode 140 where Scott talks to Comic book artist/writer Jeff Lemire about Parts 17 & 18

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We’ve Been Given A Green Butt Skunk

Some people give flowers, some a Starbucks gift card, some an edible fruit arrangement. All are pretty good gifts from a co-worker. But, when Harry S. Truman was tasked with getting a going away present for a two-and-half-week visitor to his town, he settled on something a little bit different. Harry gave Special Agent Dale Cooper a “Green Butt Skunk” fishing lure. He explained that when those fish are heading up stream they are thinking of only one thing: SEX. Nothing can break their concentration more than a Green Butt Skunk. This summer I feel like Mark Frost & David Lynch gave me a Green Butt Skunk, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

If there is one rule in 2017, it is to not get political with strangers. At any moment things can get ugly. You live in your bubble and I live in mine. Its the law. We try really hard not to burst any bubbles around here. I will not take a stand on politics, but I will say, no matter which side of the stream you were swimming on in May 2017, there was probably only one thing on your mind: The state of our country. Things were bad in May, they are worse in August. Again, no matter what side you are on, chances are, you think the other side is really, really wrong. What could possibly turn our segregated heads? A Green Butt Skunk.

Frost & Lynch dropped that lure into the waters of television and the school of television fans, starving for something new, changed direction and all swam together. Yes, even me, who had theories that contradicted with EVERYONE ELSE. (I still wanna believe that Richard Horne is from Johnny, but I doubt even the Red Room small gold ball can make that happen.) The distraction I was given this summer has been so much fun. So rewarding.

Every Sunday night, I was taken away to another world…and sometimes multiple worlds. Afterwards my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feed was filled with theories, pictures, quotes and Memes. It was nice to see us all wondering where the music was. Wondering where Big Ed was. Heck, just plain getting to wonder was a gift. Not knowing is fun, isn’t it? What’s the fun in knowing? You want to KNOW something, turn on the news. Was that fun?

That has always been my favorite part of Twin Peaks. As I write this, we are days away from the ending of Twin Peaks: The Return (TPR). I don’t know if we will get answers, but I am kind of hoping we don’t. Just dangle another lure in front of me and make me swim in another direction.

On September 4th, we will go back to a life without a sprawling mystery to wonder about. I will deeply miss my Sunday routine. I will miss my Monday morning, afternoon and evening calls with my Twin Peaks friends in different time zones. Arguing about gold orbs, if the Nine Inch Nails song was too long, or discussing a fake website that you could actually go to. How about the people that typed in the coordinates to find where Mr. C was going to? I love those people. It was all just so much fun. It was a television experience that will never be repeated because it can’t. No other show will wait 25 years to answer a question like Who’s Judy.  I think its The America girl, or the girl in 1945, or Diane or I think its Laura…no Sarah. (See what I mean. It is fun not knowing.)

So we will all go back to our lives, and will, of course, still talk about Twin Peaks. John Thorne, Courtenay Stallings, the Blue Rose Magazine staff and I are just getting started with our analysis of this 18 part fishing lure. There is line from the new series that took place in a scene that I will eventually dissect in an upcoming essay. It was from my favorite new characters in TPR, The Mitchum Brothers.

People are under a lot of stress. TPR relieved it for a moment, changed the story in my mind and gave me the most fun experience I ever had watching a piece of art on television. Will there be things to pick apart and argue about? Of course, it wouldn’t be Twin Peaks if there wasn’t. Some of it is supposed to please us, some of it is suppose to enrage us and some of it is just to distract us from our lives.

So to Mark Frost, David Lynch and Sabrina Sutherland I say, “Thank you so much for my gift. It worked. You caught me. Hook. Line and Green Butt Skunk Sinker.”

Scott Ryan is the managing Editor of the Twin Peaks Magazine, The Blue Rose. Order the Dougie Special to get all 4 issues. Follow on Twitter.